Collections of elements for a trendy style – with“NO IMPACT”

Collections of elements for a trendy style – with“NO IMPACT”

Product lines by Italian Metalbottoni designed for all requirements come together within a single great “green” vision, guided by eco-innovation with “NO IMPACT” technology

Sustainability, eco-innovation and low environmental impact processes applied to all technologies: Metalbottoni is always at the cutting edge and applies the innovative “No Impact” technology to all products in its collection, another great revolution in the fashion industry.

For over 60 years the company has been a market leader in denim, activewear, fashion and luxury accessories and is at the forefront of “green” technological innovation. The “No Impact” sustainable protocol thus becomes a benchmark for its production, spanning across the five exclusive Metalbottoni product collections.


“No Impact” and  “Green” values

“No Impact” is the extraordinary sustainable technology developed by Metalbottoni; it can be applied to production methods to streamline consumption, materials and processing cycles in order to reduce the overall environmental impact. This project is a real driver because its actions are designed to secure responsible manufacturing processes, while preserving the quality and stylishness of the products. “No impact” means that no synthetic chemicals are involved; only water-based paints are used for finishing, which means rational use of water and energy, as well as low-impact processing cycles. This technology has enormous effects on the products and can also be used for natural materials.

The “green”, “No Impact” pathway extends to a broader range of activities; over the past five years it has led to the introduction of photovoltaic panels, which now meet 45% of the company’s energy requirements. This approach is followed across the board: the Metalbottoni headquarters are set within a vast 26000 m2 area, 65% of which includes crops or green areas. The extraordinary vision underlying this protocol is also the result of the great attention that the company has always paid to new market trends and to feedback from its customers. “No Impact” anticipates and is responsive to the values and expectations which – also in the fashion sector – are starting to be viewed with interest, leading to virtuous innovative processes involving the whole supply chain.

The collections: a comprehensive and fully customisable range

Guided by this approach, today Metalbottoni is proud to present five outstanding and unique collections of accessories and finishing items for the fashion and garment sector. Creating elements of Italian style with quality products and offering high-level customisation to meet all customer requirements: these are the underlying principles that have driven and continue to inspire the exclusive Metalbottoni product lines, from vintage to luxury finishing items.

Monster – jeans buttons, rivets, small parts, badges and buckles specially designed for denim. A range with a strong personality and cutting-edge style which includes endless innovative solutions, consisting of three lines with a strong character: vintage, technical and luxury.

Labora – buttons, buckles, badges and hooks for men’s and women’s fashion. This line includes a “total look” to meet each style and requirement: minimal or precious, modern or classic, casual or formal. It is a unique range in terms of design research, also including brass and zamak accessories processed and finished in various ways, as well as materials such as mother-of-pearl, corozo, horn, wood, resins and metal combinations with several materials.

Shirting – buttons and cuff-links for shirts in five different materials, suitable for all requirements: natural, polyester, metal, jewel and pressure. This line of great classics is enriched through Metalbottoni’s interpretation and creativity, for stylish and surprising details.

Gummix – is the production process patented by Metalbottoni which allows the creation of a wide range of accessories and textile materials thanks to a special silicone or rubber melting process with other elements such as fabric or metal: a process applied to buttons, labels and accessories. It is 100% Made in Italy and allows for countless interpretations and customisations, constantly presenting ideas for new products.

Leather Accessories – labels combined with different materials and using various techniques, such   as in combination with metal, presented in a wide range of colours and granings. The line consists of washable real leathers, certified according to eco-toxicological standards. Recycled and synthetic leather or microfibers, all guaranteed by OCEOTEX CLASS 1 certification, for a line of accessories that distinguish, surprise and embellish.

Where opposites meet:

The new SS 2018 collection reinvents Monster and Labora

A world made of sophisticated technologies, natural elements that meet technical materials combining vintage and raw effects. These are the elements that characterize the approach of Metalbottoni to the new SS 2018, which revolutionizes the two cult product lines Monster and Labora. A collection driven by the meeting of opposites, a theme that responds to the ever increasing attention paid to sustainability, thanks to productive processes with a low environmental impact applied to all collections.

In the SS 2018 collection active sportswear meets the fashion world with sporty accessories combined with elegant and refined looks, using shiny rubber materials and matt and lacquered effects. The natural soul blends with technical materials, translating in brand new combinations made of mirrored surfaces, mother of pearl with glazes, glitter and transparent coloured resins.

It’s a real style revolution that embraces the denim world as well, taking inspiration from pure excess with the mantra “more is more”, which gives rise to a new vintage that becomes refined, embellished with precious stones, iridescent transparencies and naïf colours. Materials are enriched with distressed effects, using irregular, worn wood and corroded and oxidized metals, resulting in amazing colour alterations.

“Metalbottoni has chosen to shift its objectives and horizons even further forward. In a scenario where sustainability and the use of ‘green’ technologies are increasingly regarded as core values, our objective is to offer stylish accessories and elements which are best able to interpret this natural development with highly innovative processes and materials”, says Maria Teresa Ricciardo, Creative Director of Metalbottoni Spa.

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