Free Live Webinar by IDTechEx on RFID Sensors (March 9, 2017)

Free Live Webinar by IDTechEx on RFID Sensors (March 9, 2017)

A free live Webinar by IDTechEX on RFID Sensors “Technology, Markets, Opportunity” is given on March 9, 2017, by Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, at your Raghu Dasconvenient time

RFID is booming – it now accounts for the largest number of silicon integrated circuits (ICs) made of one particular type. But in addition to over 20% growth over the next few years, there is much more to come. RFID is moving beyond wireless identification alone to wireless sensing of parameters such as temperature, humidity and much more.

Interest in RFID Sensors has risen greatly over the last two years, with over 40 companies now supplying RFID sensors in addition to resellers, integrators and those providing software solutions, according to a study from IDTechEx Research titled RFID Sensors 2017-2027.

New RFID sensors today have been enabled by a new breed of built-for-purpose ICs, which made prior types of RFID sensor limited in performance and expensive. Combined with innovations in flexible batteries, printed sensors and antennas and wider deployment of RFID reader infrastructure, the opportunity for RFID sensors has moved into focus.

This webinar with IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das will cover the different types of RFID Sensors, who are the main players, what applications they are focussing on and the commercial outlook.

For additional information see this video… and to TextileFuture’s News

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We will be holding exactly the same webinar twice in one day. Please register for whichever session is most convenient for you.


Thursday 9 March 2017


30 minutes plus 10 minutes for Questions & Answers




Webinar #1: Europe & Asia-Pacific


(GMT) London


(GMT +1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome


(GMT +2) Athens, Jerusalem


(GMT +7) Bangkok


(GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei, Beijing


(GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul


(GMT+11) Canberra


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Webinar #2: Americas


(Pacific ST) USA & Canada


(Mountain ST) USA & Canada


(Central ST) USA & Canada


(Eastern ST) USA & Canada


(GMT) London


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