ShanghaiTex Connects to the World of E-commerce

ShanghaiTex Connects to the World of E-commerce

The mobile share of global e-commerce transaction is expected to grow to 70%, according to the marketing consulting firm “Criteo” figure. The survey of cloud-based company “SessionM” also stated that more than 90 % of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in retail stores

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It is a prelude to the Customer to Manufactory (C2M) business model replacing the traditional supply chain. The end-customer needs hence can be supplied to the manufacturers by just a few swipes and clicks, through which the manufacturers not only save the cost, but also obtain the immediate market information.

The C2M model is becoming an overwhelming trend. Yet, for manufacturers, how to cast a breakthrough from it and meet customer needs? How to arm their production process and be well prepared for the Industry 4.0 revolution?

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ShanghaiTex 2017 will demonstrate the brand new C2M Smart Factory Experience Zone in order to share the most cutting-edge marketing information and bring a revolutionary interactive experience to the visitors.

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Composed by a range of selected leading companies, the C2M Smart Factory Experience Zone will showcase various advanced production technology. The concurrent seminars will also shed lights on 2M trend forecast in the coming 5 years to bring more practical solutions to interested visitors.


Visitors pre-registration can be made online here

For more information on the exhibition, please revert to TextileFuture’s Event Calendar

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