Rocking baby mattress to gain more attention with new name

Rocking baby mattress to gain more attention with new name

The Finnish innovation that helps babies sleep has collected 300 000 euros from private investors. The money will boost product development and growth

The company, Familings, will also change its brand name to LullaMe. Together with the new name, a new, improved version of the product will be launched this year.

The rocking mattress was innovated by a Finnish mother, Hanna Sissala (read the whole story in our feature here). Immediately after the product was launched, it was chosen as the best kids furniture at the ‘Kind + Jugend’ trade fair in Germany. A motor in the LullaMe mattress gently tightens and loosens the top fabric creating a slow up and down rocking movement.

The funding round exceeded all of the company’s expectations. Initially it aimed for EUR 150 000 to EUR 250 000, but in only two days it managed to pocket EUR 295 000.

According to Sissala, the investments came mainly from friends of the company’s inner circle. “There were plenty of keen investors, and many would’ve been ready to invest more,” she says.

At the moment, Familings is not capable of taking new orders, as the product is being developed further. Sissala apologises for the situation, as she receives requests every day from troubled families. “However, we believe that the feedback we got from the first version helps make the mattress even better.”

A video of the functioning rocking mattress can be viewed here

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