The Global Recycled Standard receives EPA Recommendation for Federal Procurement

The Global Recycled Standard receives EPA Recommendation for Federal Procurement

In 2016, EPA, the US Environmental Protection Agency engaged in an independent assessment of voluntary sustainability standards with the goal of making recommendations for federal agency purchasing in the U.S. The criteria of these Recommendations of Specifications, Standards, and Ecolabels for Federal Purchasing primarily focused on whether the standards covered certain sustainability attributes and the credibility of the certification scheme itselfEPA

Textile Exchange participated in this process and are pleased to announce that the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is included in the January 2017 recommendations list for the carpet, resilient flooring, and furniture categories. This review did not include apparel, but hopefully a future review will.

The GRS verifies the recycled content of the source material and then sets requirements for the social, environmental, and chemical processing until the final product. Textile Exchange’s accreditation and certification procedures follow ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice in assurance and standard development. Both of these factors contributed to the EPA’s recognition of the GRS as a truly sustainable product standard.

U.S. federal purchasers now have a guide to help them navigate the multitude of voluntary sustainability standards and make informed decisions about environmentally preferable products. Several other standards schemes that work with Textile Exchange were also recognized and we applaud this collaborative effort by the EPA.

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