Textile Exchange 2016 Member Survey Results

Textile Exchange 2016 Member Survey Results

A huge thank you to TE, the Textile Exchange members who completed our year-end member survey. We were overwhelmed with the success of it and the level of response. We’re very grateful to those of you who pTextile Exchangerovided this important feedback so that we can keep a finger on the pulse of how we’re serving your needs and where to improve

Included  were 13 questions, covering a host of subjects, 10 of which asked for ranking our level of performance from 1-5, with 5 being highest. The remaining 3 questions were open ended responses. 192 surveys were emailed out, 62 were fully completed and 11 were partially completed, for a response rate of 38 %, which is excellent.

Following are a few of the highlights we’d like to share with you:

1.            Overall value of TEs contribution to your sustainability goals: average of 3.5

2.            Overall impact of TEs work in helping to transform the industry: average of 3.7

3.            Knowledge, professionalism, and expertise of TE staff: average of 4.5

4.            Overall quality of content produced by TE: average of 4.2

5.            Fiber and Materials Platform deliverables: average of 4.2

6.            Integrity and Standards platform deliverables: average of 4.0

7.            Supply Network platform deliverables: average of 3.1

8.            Marketing and Communications deliverables: average of 3.6

9.            Open ended comments highlighted several key themes:

•             TE core value is in reports, data, content, staff expertise, our standards, organic information, networking, global linkages, and the conference

•             TE areas for improvement are in consumer awareness, helping reach other stakeholders in the company with our content, provide easier access to our content on our website, provide more ongoing opportunities for engagement and dialog throughout the year, more actively address circular systems, communicate more clearly the Supply Network platform deliverables, and make the annual conference more interactive and dynamic

In summary, TE is pleased with the results, and finds the feedback encouraging that it is on a good path forward, providing positive benefits to you, our valued members. TE also knows, however, there is plenty of room for improvement, which we will dedicate ourselves to during this year.

And finally, to announce the winner of the random drawing from all respondents for the complimentary pass to our Annual Sustainability Conference this October 9-13, 2017 in Washington, DC.


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