USDA biobased certification extended to Lenzing Viscose and Lenzing Modal

USDA biobased certification extended to Lenzing Viscose and Lenzing Modal

Lenzing – Lenzing Viscose® and Lenzing Modal® fibers including all their product families were awarded the Biobased Product Label granted by USDA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The prestigious certification is further proof that all standard types of fibres produced by Lenzing are fully derived from the natural and renewable raw material wood. The company’s Lyocell fibre TENCEL® has already been certified as 100 percent bio-based content since 2011. Lenzing FR® has now also been certified as 99 percent bio-based. The residual amount is for material used to make the fibre fire-resistant

“I am glad that our pioneering work for sustainability is being recognized by reviewers worldwide. Eco-responsibility represents a key component of our group strategy and we put a major emphasis on it”, explains Lenzing CEO Stefan Doboczky. “The notable Biobased Product Label will help inform consumers about the high ecological standards of our products and our corporate values”, he added.

Natural cycle

Lenzing Buchenwald _ Beech ForestEven more, Lenzing fibres are not only derived 100 % from nature, but they are also returned  to nature at the end of their life cycle. Standard Lenzing fibres are demonstrably 100 % biodegradable and even compostable. Lenzing proves this with a series of certificates, available at the first link below.

Accordingly, Lenzing is in tune with the growing trend towards ecology and sustainability. Global customers in the textile and nonwovens industry are increasingly turning to raw materials which do not unnecessarily harm the environment when they are produced or disposed of.

BioPreferred programme

The certification of biobased products is part of the BioPreferred program implemented by the USDA. It is designed to motivate government institutions and companies to purchase bio-based products or those which largely consist of biological materials.

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