Kornit Digital receives orders for Allegro Roll-to-Roll Systems at Heimtextil 2017

Kornit Digital receives orders for Allegro Roll-to-Roll Systems at Heimtextil 2017

Kornit Digital, a global market leader in digital textile printing technology, has received new system orders at Heimtextil 2017, the world’s leading exhibition for home textile design and manufacturing, which took place in Frankfurt, January 10-13, 2017

Kornit AllegroKornit Allegro gains further recognition as the optimal solution for customized decoration at world’s largest home décor exhibition

The Company’s booth showcased a live demonstration of the Allegro, utilizing its unique single step, dry process, which led to high customer interest and system orders. The Allegro, which utilizes Kornit’s proprietary NeoPigmentTM printing process, is the only industrial solution that can print with high quality on multiple fabric types, with no separate pre or post treatment required.

At only seven meters in length, the Allegro offers a unique proposition with an impressive seven-colours, photorealistic print quality, an ability to print on multiple fabric types without changing inks, minimal infrastructure requirements and practically no water consumption. These benefits are ideal for online printers with a high degree of automation, as well as for home textile and fashion producers with a focus on short turnarounds and small production runs. In fact, the entire Kornit Booth, designed as a baby room, was fully ordered and fulfilled by one of Kornit’s Allegro customers.

One of the new members of the Allegro user community is Flyeralarm, a leading online printer based out of Würzburg, Germany. The company achieves an annual turnover of more than €300 million, and employs nearly 2000 people across six company sites. While the company has offered polyester-based printed textile products before, they will now be able to print on different fabric types and to offer printed cotton fabrics in addition, such as chair covers, sunbeds and fabrics by the meter.

With these latest additions to the global install base of Allegro systems, the company will now serve more than 20 customer sites, ranging from North America, Central Europe, Latin America, Turkey and South East Asia.

Based on Kornit’s approach of offering a completely dry single step solution, digital fabric printing is returning to western countries as former challenges, such as end-to-end costs, pollution, regulations, health and safety, and space can be addressed.

“Given the significant trend towards online purchases of apparel and customized home decoration, Kornit is uniquely positioned to offer the only multi-fabric solution that does not require the existence of old school textile preparation and finishing processes which consume significant space and energy and require industrial settings,” stated Guy Zimmerman, Kornit Digital’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “The leading quality and versatility, micro runs capability, and seamless web to print support, makes Kornit technology a perfect enabler for this emerging mega trend.”


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