BRÜCKNER finishing line for pigment dyeing of home textiles in Moldova

BRÜCKNER finishing line for pigment dyeing of home textiles in Moldova

For many years the companies Tirotex and Brückner are cooperating in a successful partnership. Tirotex already has several Brückner machines in operation

In the former Soviet Union Tirotex is the biggest textile state combine company and is now a modern, vertically structured textile producer with more than 1000 employees and thus one of the most important employers of the autonomous territorial unit Transnistria in Moldova. Due to the high quality standards and a good sales organization, the mayor part of the production is exported. Most of the fabric goes to Western Europe and is sold as high-quality branded article mainly in the field of table and bed linen.Pic2 Brueckner Tirotex Stenter Exit

Brückner is systems supplier in the field of textile machinery and can satisfy the needs of the textile industry in the complete sector of dry finishing, dyeing and coating. They deliver individual components such as padders or coating units but also complete lines for coating and finishing of textiles, techncial textiles, nonwovens, glass fibre fabric and floor coverings.

Tirotex opens up new fields of finishing with this new Brückner line which is working to the utmost satisfaction of the customer since one year now. The line is suitable for the conventional finishing of bed and table linen and also home textiles, but is also suitable for pigment dyeing. In front the heart of the line, an 8 zone POWER-FRAME stenter of 3.20 metres working width, the line is provided additionally with an infra-red dryer and a horizontal nozzle-type pre-dryer with 2 fabric passages. The modular structure of the line allows the implementation of various technological processes and assures Tirotex a very high production capacity.  




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