Jeanologia presents finishing jeans technology that fuses ecology and efficiency at Munich Fabric Start

Jeanologia presents finishing jeans technology that fuses ecology and efficiency at Munich Fabric Start

Jeanologia, the Spanish company, world leader in the development of sustainable solutions for the denim finishing industry, reveals its latest advances in Blue Zone The Denim Festival from January 31 -February 1, 2017 (Hall 7, Booth 20)

–        The Spanish firm reveals revolutionary sustainable processes that save up to 95% in water and 90 % on chemicals for laundries and brands.

–        It puts at the disposal of the denim industry its Light Sensitive Fabric test, a standard system that lets you know a priori what fabrics are suitable for sustainable finishes and what are the creative possibilities offered.

–        It reinvents the traditional processes of jeans finishing, turning them in eco-efficient and innovative.

Jeanologia at the important international fair of the sector of the denim Blue Zone Munich Fabric Start (MFS) presents exclusively the sustainable technology that manages an eco-friendly jeans without an assuming an increase in its price and without sacrificing its final look.1 Jeanologia One Glass one garment

The company Spanish is leader in the development of sustainable technologies for the industry of garment finishing of denim and during MFS will show to laundries and European markets that another form of producing jeans is possible: more sustainable, more efficient and with greater productivity. It will exhibit at the fair its latest developments and the denim collection resulting from the application of new technologies in order to get jeans with zero pollution without giving up the desired design.

The new and revolutionary jeans finishing processes save up to 95 % in water and 90 % of chemicals due to the efficient combination of its three laser, ozone, and eFlow technologies. In Blue Denim the visitors can get to know the innovative process ‘ One glass one garment’, that only a glass of water is needed to make the finishing of jeans. A radical decrease in the consumption of water if you take into account that currently an average of 70 litres is used.

Likewise, the Spanish firm shows exclusively their new collection, Chemical Free, thanks to the Light PP Spray solution, which eliminates the use of potassium permanganate in the finish of the jean. The laser replaces the use of dangerous substances and pollution.

The Elimination of potassium permanganate with the Light, PP spray is a milestone in the history of the jeans industry due to this development, the pollutant emissions of the textile industry are reduced to zero.

How do you approach the sustainable design?

2 Jeanologia One Glass one garmentAnother of the novelties presented at Munich Fabric Start is the Light Sensitive Fabric (LSF) test. Jeanologia offers the industry a study that analyses the reaction of fabrics to the new sustainable processes, in order to achieve the desired looks and washes by reducing the consumption of water, chemicals and energy.

The LSF joins weavers, brands, laundries and facilitates and links all in the chain to work coordinated and achieve the desired look in a sustainable and efficient way.

This tool makes it easier to classify fabrics that are most appropriate to achieve fashion finishes, natural and vintage, with low environmental impact, without using traditional techniques as manual scraping and the spraying of potassium permanganate.

Jeanologia leads the technological transformation of the textile industry, which has traditionally been an industry with minimal technology, more manual labour, and low environmental standards. It has more than 20 years of experience in the sector and all its developments are based on green technology, worker safety, the environment and increase productivity.

“We want to contribute to the transformation of the jeans industry in order to make the industry transparent, efficient, automated and creative”, assures Enrique Silla, CEO of Jeanologia. And adds: “thanks to the combination of three sustainable technologies, the laser, the ozone and the nanobubbles, the product doesn’t have to sacrifice in the name of ecology.” We can produce a fashionable and sexy product in a sustainable manner and without cost to the environment. What matters is not only the product itself but the way it’s made, which is part of the DNA of this product”.

Jeanologia: leader in textile technology

Since 1993 its mission has been to improve the industry of textile finishing through its technology and know-how. Its laser, G2 ozone and e-flow systems have revolutionized the textile industry offering endless possibilities of design and finishing to clothes while saving water, energy, and chemicals, eliminates waste and harmful emissions.

The Spanish company currently has clients on 5 continents and the export of machines and services represent 90% of its turnover, internationalizing its products to 50 countries including: USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Portugal, India, China, Russia, Japan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Turkey, Tunisia and Vietnam.

The market leading brands such as Levi’s, Polo Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch, Edwin Japan, Pepe Jeans, Diesel, HilfigerDenim, Salsa jeans, Jack & Jones, Replay and other large retailers as GAP, Uniqlo and H & M, among others, rely on Jeanologia, using the technology developed by the company.



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