DWR, energy efficiency, and textile waste

DWR, energy efficiency, and textile waste

The Renewal WorkshopIn 2016, The Renewal Workshop deployed systems to address these issues, and here is a glimpse at the headway we are making

Extending garment life through DWR rejuvenation

We are rejuvenating European workwear DWR treatments to keep gear in service longer.  Plus, capturing the chemistry prevents it from entering municipal water systems.

The Navy abandons water and energy consumption

At Naval Base Ventura County, TERSUS consumes 30 % less energy than water-based laundry on a per-pound basis. Eliminating dryers, heating water, and shorter cycle times results in fewer kWh’s needed.

Fibers and Fabrics with a smaller footprint

TERSUS Collection has touched more than 100000 pounds of apparel, keeping them out of landfills. In the process, TERSUS saved 22.2 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

This is just the beginning. In 2017, we will scale these solutions, working closely with our partners, delivering a unique financial, environmental, and social value across the textile industry.

Tersus Collection“Developing our business model we wanted to utilize the best available technologies for a Circular Economy. TERSUS was a good fit for us by providing a high grade of clean without the use of water. It is better to use less to achieve more,” states Nicole Bassett, Founder of The Renewal Workshop.


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