Graphene 3D Lab expands product line of Conductive 3D Printing Materials

Graphene 3D Lab expands product line of Conductive 3D Printing Materials

Graphene 3D Lab is pleased to announce that it has expanded its product line. One of the Company’s feature products “Conductive Graphene Filament”, a Conductive PLA 3D printing filament, will now be available in the 3 mm diameter on the Company’s on-line stores, and 

The Company is adding this product to meet multiple requests from its customers using 3D Printers from a variety of manufacturers such as Lulzbot, Ultimaker, and many others with this filament standard.

“With the development of the 3D printing industry, the standards for the consumables manifest themselves. As a leading supplier of advanced 3D printing materials we should follow this trend to meet our customers’ needs while simultaneously growing our evolving client base.” commented Graphene 3D Lab co-CEO Daniel Stolyarov, “We will keep expanding our product line of 3D printing materials and keep our shareholders informed on the progress”.  

Graphene 3D Lab, Inc. is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of proprietary composites and coatings based on graphene and other advanced materials. These diverse materials have a wide spectrum of commercial, research and military applications. The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Graphene Laboratories Inc., currently offers over 100 graphene and related products to a client list comprised of more than 11000 customers worldwide, including nearly every Fortune 500 tech company and major research university. Some notable clients are: NASA, Ford Motor Co., GE, Apple, Xerox, Samsung, Harvard University, IBM and Stanford University.

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