The first connected eWriter worldwide

The first connected eWriter worldwide

QuirkLogic™ a provider of productivity technology to help corporate teams spark and grow big ideas, has announced Quilla™ the world’s largest Connected eWriter system. The 42″ electronic paper devices replicate the familiar feel of paper and pen on the world’s largest eWriter. Combined with a supporting ecosystem that offers the power to share content, the eWriter enables organisations to centrally capture and manage their valuable intellectual assets in real-time for business advantageQuirk Logic

With Quilla, whiteboard photos stored on personal phones and lost notes become a thing of the past. Built for Simplicity and Everyday Use “To facilitate a free flow of ideas, tools for team brainstorming and concept work needs to be simple, familiar, and easy to use. With Quilla, users can walk up, grab a pen, and comfortably ink out ideas, actions, and plans without hitting setup hurdles and quickly pick up where they left off in an instant,” said Nashir Samanani, QuirkLogic’s co-founder and CEO. “We’ve designed our always-ready technology to fade into the background, so users can focus on what needs to get done.” Quilla is the result of a three year R&D partnership between QuirkLogic and E Ink Holdings. “Significant technological hurdles needed to be overcome and we are delighted with the substantial engineering breakthroughs that the teams at E Ink and QuirkLogic have made in producing the world’s first large format battery operated eWriters with a persistent display,” said Samanani.

“E Ink is proud to collaborate with QuirkLogic in bringing the Quilla to market,” said Dr. CC Tsai, CTO of E Ink Holdings. “The joint development effort harnessed the power of E Ink technology to create a powerful yet familiar collaboration tool. We warmly congratulate QuirkLogic on the launch of Quilla.” The QuirkLogic digital writing system consists of portable, always-on inking devices that go beyond space and location boundaries. Teams are no longer tied to conference rooms that have equipment anchored to a wall and instead can make better use of spaces designed for informal, ad-hoc interaction. The eWriter’s easy on/off mounts, light weight (22 lbs), and battery operation enable workers to go wireless with the device and take it to any workspace. Also, remote participants can contribute and interact with content in real-time through centralized library and workbook sharing, enabled by an intelligent connected “inking” ecosystem that does the heavy lifting behind the scenes, keeping it simple for the users. Organisations can use the solution to personalize common areas, run efficient meetings, sketch out artwork, design products or processes, formulate plans, mark-up documents, and more.

Advanced Display Technology Makes Digital Experience Feel Natural

QuirkLogic has partnered with E Ink, a leading innovator of electronic paper display (EPD) technology, to leverage the durable, low-power, and feather-light attributes of their solution. “Quilla is the perfect application for E Ink’s large area ePaper displays, leveraging the paper and pen appearance and feel, ultra low power and light weight,” said Harit Doshi, head of Signage Business at E Ink . “We have been working closely with QuirkLogic to optimize 42″ ePaper displays for Quilla and it gives me great pleasure to see E Ink’s largest ePaper display enable QuirkLogic’s vision for the connected eWriter.” Additional capabilities of QuirkLogic’s Quilla include: eWriters can transform from a single surface to multiple connected surfaces instantly to expand work space, span content or cascade pages Personal login with a mobile phone for immediate access to your library Content is persistently displayed – quickly pick up where you last left off Automatic content saving – simply walk away when done Connect and share content with others from the centralized content library Unlimited workbooks and pages, so users never have to search for paper Intuitive design with discoverable contextual menus – touch to copy, move, erase, zoom.

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