Swedish RÖJK moves towards sustainable production

RÖJK moves towards sustainable production

As many of you already know, most of what we do at RÖJK Superwear revolves around the environment. Our products are all made to be used out of doors, so in a manner of speaking, we’d be putting ourselves slowly out of business if we didn’t do our best to take care of our planet, which makes you wonder at the awareness of many of our competitors

For this reason, we use only reliable and highly environment-conscious suppliers and producers, and today, we are a little extra happy and proud to announce that one of our fabric suppliers and producers has officially joined the Detox campaign of Greenpeace.

They have committed themselves to, by 2020, eliminating any raw materials likely to have adverse effects on humans or the environment from their production chains at all stages – from the start of production, through packing, to wearing, washing, sorting and recycling of clothing. There are only a few vertically-integrated manufacturing companies in the entire world that have fulfilled the conditions set by Greenpeace and acquired the right to join the Detox campaign.

The styles affected by this are growing at a rapid rate in our range, and therefore, we are very happy to not only offer these styles in highly sustainable materials, but also to support such a powerful initiative for the environment. As announced in the previous press release, we are also moving away from synthetic fibres in general, to make further room for far more environment-friendly materials instead, such as bio polymer and recycled wool.

From the dawn of our brand, we have tried our best to minimize the environmental impact of our products. Because, let’s face it – virtually all production ultimately has a negative impact on the environment we live in. With that said, we are taking further steps yet towards fibres that are gentle not only to the planet, but also to the skinRöjk Logo

Our most important development for the Fall/Winter 2017 season is the Madcap Jacket. This insulation jacket has a Bluesign-certified fabric on both inside and outside, but the really exciting stuff comes in the padding: 70 % recycled wool and 30 % corn-based bio polymer makes the Madcap Jacket an excellent choice for the environment. On top of this, it is both ultralight, provides excellent protection from harsh weather, and packs easily into its own pocket, for your travel convenience.

In other news, we have also re-engineered our two best-sellers, the Eskimo Hoodie and the Monk Pullover Hoodie, which will both made with 40% recycled wool from FW17. One of our other popular styles, the award-winning Zippen Hoodie, has been re-engineered to minimize microplastic waste by up to 90 %, both at production and washing, keeping it well ahead of the curve, and other, rivalling mid-layer jackets.

Röjk will be present at ISPO in Munich, Germany (February 5-8, 2017)


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