A Free Live Webinar by IDTechEx on Robotic Sensing Technologies (February 7, 2017)

A Free Live Webinar by IDTechEx on Robotic Sensing Technologies (February 7, 2017)

The advent of artificial intelligence in robots. The Webinar of February 7, 2017 will be given by Dr Harry Zervos, Principal Analyst, IDTechEx

Deploying sensors in robotics allows for the creation of robots that can “see” and “feel”, in a biomimetic way, like humans do. These advanced robots are now being deployed into industrial, commercial, domestic, logistic and other sectors where robot penetration was previously limited.

This webinar shares some of the research carried out for the new IDTechEx report, Sensors for Robotics: Technologies, Markets and Forecasts 2017-2027. In it we will discuss sensing technologies like machine vision and force sensing, the additional capabilities they enable and the market segments that they will impact.

  • Why robotic sensors and why now.
  • Industrial, collaborative and advanced mobile robots.
  • Autonomous driving.
  • Machine vision and force sensing.
  • Forecasted volume of vision and force sensing in robotics.

The organiser will be holding exactly the same webinar twice in one day. Please register for whichever session is most convenient for you.

Please note that your details may be shared with the sponsors.


Tuesday 7 February 2017


30 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A

Webinar #1: Europe & East Americas


(Central ST) USA & Canada


(Eastern ST) USA & Canada


(GMT) London


(GMT +1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome


(GMT +2) Athens, Jerusalem


(GMT +3) Moscow

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Webinar #2: Americas


(Pacific ST) USA & Canada


(Mountain ST) USA & Canada


(Central ST) USA & Canada


(Eastern ST) USA & Canada


(GMT) London





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