Denim Innovation Night to portray the game-changing Bangladesh industry

Bangladesh Denim Expo and Pacific Jeans Group get together to highlight the country’s capabilities and best sustainable practices in innovative design and denim experiences, a potential also well shown by the country’s growth numbers. A special event that further enhances the next Bangladesh Denim Expo on November 8 in Dhaka

Gala Night

It’s no longer a secret: the denim and readymade garment (RMG) industries are two of the leading sectors in Bangladeshi economy today. A closer look shows that these two areas have emerged as the biggest earner of foreign currency and that 81.69% of the country’s export is covered by the RMG sector alone, which significantly contributes to the national GDP. Moreover, it also provides employment to around four million workers, about 70 percent of whom are women. To crown these incredible achievements, Pacific Jeans Group – the largest manufacturer of premium denim in Bangladesh – will be presenting the “Denim Innovation Night” during the 7th Bangladesh Denim Expo, hosted in Dhaka on November 8 – 9, 2017.

The fashion show called ‘Denim Innovation Night’ will highlight the capability of Bangladesh in innovative design and creative presentation of denim wears.

This special Bangladesh Denim Expo event, by invitation only, will take place in the evening on November 8th and will display the state of the art in denim finishes and production innovations to prove how love for denim can be a sustainable contributor to Bangladesh’s prosperity not only as a business partner to European and US brands, but as a nation too. However, in order to reach these very specific goals, socio ethics and environmental considerations must be in place.

“The Denim Innovation Night will help to explore all new and upcoming sustainable denim trends, demonstrating the vision for Bangladesh as an ethical production country”, said Syed Mohammed Tanvir, the Director of Pacific Jeans, the brand which is going to present the fashion show.

“The Denim Innovation Night strives to set an international standard in terms of sustainable and ethical denim collections against the backdrop of the heritage and future of denim and it is the first time that a fashion show of this scale is presented in Bangladesh”, added Mostafiz Uddin, Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo.

The upcoming 7th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo keeps growing

Thanks to a still growing number of exhibitors – now as many as 64 – from 12 different countries and with more than 12,000 pre-registered online visitors from all over the world, the 7th Bangladesh Denim Expo is expected to be the most successful edition ever.

Hall view

An event that has establish itself as a hub capable to connect the whole country around denim, and having a decisive positive impact on the improvement of denim culture in the whole area.

A change that is deeply connected with the history of the indigo fabric: in fact, due to the roots of jeans as a symbol for the working class, teenagers in the US started wearing them as a symbol of rebellion against the middle class in the US and over the next 40 years, denim became a must-have for rockers and hippies, from skaters to punk generations in the 1960s and 70s. A path that in some ways is now influencing the whole of Bangladesh as a country and as a system of production, leading the way towards progressive emancipation of workers, along with denim becoming more and more fashionable and appealing for the middle and high class as well. Once again, denim stays true to its tradition starting as a working class’ symbol, and waving the flag for innovation, creativity and revolution that Bangladesh Denim Expo has been interpreting since its debut in 2014.

Bangladesh Denim Expo is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, specifically established to act as a hub where key denim industry players can congregate and share their passion for denim. Launched in November 2014  by the visionary idea of Md. Mostafiz Uddin to create an international cutting-edge denim community  in  Bangladesh, the Expo takes place two times each year and has shown an incredible and constant increase in numbers since then. Visitors have increased from 2,601 the first year to 5,545 registered for the 6th edition (May 2017). Participating companies have increased from 843 the first year to 1029 in the 6th edition (May 2017).

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