A report says that French diapers are containing toxin

A report says that French diapers are containing toxin

A report published this week in the French media claims that there are potentially dangerous chemicals in most brands of baby diapers sold in the country. The magazine 60 Million Consumers (60 Millions de Consommateurs) said its testers had detected potential carcinogenics in 10 brands of nappies—out of the 12 it tested

These included organic nappies and those from leading brands, the group noted, in findings it said were “far from reassuring,” but “there is no risk assessment today in the case of nappies applied directly to the skin all day,” the magazine pointed out.60 Mio Logo

Some nappies had traces of pesticides including glyphosate, the active ingredient of Roundup weedkiller. While these traces are small, babies are “particularly sensitive to toxic substances.”

The group called on Tuesday for nappy producers to be clearer in their advertising if their products contain such compounds.

The potentially harmful compounds in the nappies are ironically found in the chemicals there to protect the sensitive skin of the babies and prevent irritation, specifically in the petrolatum, which is commonly found in care products for its moisturizing qualities.

Similar claims are also made in various countries for toilet paper.


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