Time for the Kappahl Sustainable Design Contest 2017

Time for the Kappahl Sustainable Design Contest 2017

Once again it is time for the KappAhl Sustainable Design Contest, a competition for fashion and textiles students who would like to get involved in developing the sustainable design solutions of the future

 “The competition is part of KappAhl’s work to develop new ways of working that encourage sustainable design and production,” explains Maria Segergren, Vice President of Assortment and Design.

Over 80 % of a product’s environmental impact is determined at the drawing board. This makes sustainable design a field with both great potential and plenty of room for experimentation and creative ideas. KappAhl is therefore announcing the KappAhl Sustainable Design Contest, a competition for design students in fashion and textiles in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland.

As a result of last year’s competition, winner Lovisa Malmberg Gomis has designed two dresses with KappAhl’s design team on the theme of multifunctionality. The dresses will be available in KappAhl’s stores from week 16 as part of this year’s Celebrate collection.

The jury will consist of fashion journalist Emilia de Poret; Kate Goldsworthy, Senior Research Fellow at Textile Futures Research Centre, University of the Arts, London and part of Mistra Future Fashion; Maria Segergren, KappAhl’s vice president of assortment and design; Karin Verdoes, KappAhl’s designer; Lina Nyqvist, KappAhl’s sustainability manager for assortment; and Eva Kindgren de Boer, sustainability manager for production.Kappahl

The KappAhl Sustainable Design Contest will run from January 23 – April 2, 2017. The winner will be able to put their idea into practice with KappAhl’s designers, and they will also have the chance to go on a trip to one of KappAhl’s countries of production on the theme of sustainable production or participate in a month-long internship at KappAhl’s head office.

Find out more about KappAhl’s Sustainable Design Contest at www.kappahl.com/designcontest  

KappAhl aims to create high-quality, value-for-money fashion, produced with care and respect for people and the environment. Today, 38% of the company’s products are sustainability-labelled, and it aspires to use only sustainably produced cotton by 2020.

KappAhl, the Swedish clothier was founded in 1953 in Gothenburg and is a leading fashion chain in the Nordic region, with nearly 380 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland, together with Shop Online. Our business concept is to offer value-for-money fashion of our own design to a wide range of consumers.

In 2015/2016, turnover was SEK 4.7 billion, with approx. 4,000 employees in nine countries.


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