Underwear for Men’s Gen 4 launch includes new materials, sizes & improved performance

Underwear for Men’s Gen 4 launch includes new materials, sizes & improved performance

Leading into the PGA Merchandise Show, UFM expanded its line of men’s briefs and boxer briefs, while also improving performance of the most intricately designed pouch underwear on the U.S. market

Underwear For Men, a leader in high tech men’s underwear launched its Generation 4 product line, including new viscose fabrics made from bamboo, as well as new sizes and colors. Based on customer feedback and months of internal testing, Underwear For Men also made precise adjustments to the pouch for increased comfort and to further prevent chafing.

“Every detail of our men’s underwear is based on feedback from our customers and months of product testing to ensure each man gets a perfect fit with our pouch,” says John Polidan, CEO, Underwear For Men. “Our Gen 4 line features the highest quality materials, a redesign of our men’s briefs, and across the board, added comfort.”

What To Expect With Gen 4

•             More Pouch: The nylon mesh fly offers more room.

•             Redesigned Fly: A lower and deeper fly enhances comfort.

•             New Fabrics: The Viscose made from Bamboo, has a cottony-like feel and wicks moisture.

•             New Sizes: All styles available S-3X. Select styles in XS.

•             New Colours: All styles available in black, red, grey and royal blue.

What’s Next?   

After 3 years and a proven record in athletic apparel, high-end menswear, work wear and medical wear segments, UFM looks to expand its retail presence in the US. This month, UFM will exhibit at the PGA Merchandise Show. Last month, the brand exhibited at The Running Event, a national tradeshow for run specialty stores.

“By effectively tracking how and when customers wear Underwear For Men, we are able to make strategic decisions about the retail stores that are the right fit for our brand,” says Dara Gourley, Underwear For Men Marketing Director. “The data supports run specialty and golf retailers are effective channels for our products. We look forward to expanding distribution in these segments in 2017.”

In addition to point of sale signage, later this year, the brand will roll-out an interactive display with custom 2d animation for each retail segment to explain the product and tell the brand story.



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