Three new Monforts units for bed linen for Indian Himatsingka Linens

Three new Monforts units for bed linen for Indian Himatsingka Linens

Karnataka-based Himatsingka Linens, a division of Himatsingka Seide Ltd, is installing three new Monforts units as part of an expansion that will double bed linen output and see a venture into terry towelling


India’s Himatsingka Linens, a division of Himatsingka Seide Ltd, and amongst the world’s largest producers of bed linen products, is adding three new Monforts machines to the existing line-up of four Monforts units; as the company embarks upon an expansion that will double its output of bed linen, entail a backward integration into spinning, and see its first foray into terry towelling.

The latest Monforts include a10 chamber Montex 6500 stenter, a Monfortex 8000, and a Thermex CDR with E-Control; all three units feature a fabric working width of 3200 mm.

The three new machines are all German-built and are being installed by Monforts’ representative for India, ATE Enterprises Private Ltd.

A vertically integrated home textiles company that is engaged in spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles, Himatsingka manufactures, retails and distributes bedding, bath, drapery, upholstery, and lifestyle accessory products.

Its portfolio of brands includes Calvin Klein Home, Barbara Barry, Bellora, Kelly Wearstler, Beekman 1802, Pimacott, Atmosphere and Esprit.

The company operates manufacturing facilities in India, and retail and distribution businesses across North America, Europe and Asia. Its bed linen unit is located at Hassan, in Karnataka, and its drapery and upholstery unit is at Bengaluru, also in Karnataka. Executive Director, Vasudevan Veeraraghvan said that the group is doubling its existing sheeting capacity from 23 million metres per annum to 46 million metres.

The company will also be installing for the first time 211000 spindles as part of its backward integration into spinning, and the entry into the terry towels sector will see it setting up a capacity for 25000 tons per annum.

“Installation for the new Monforts machines will be completed by the beginning of 2017, and we plan to quickly reach full productionIMG_3960 llr capacity,” said Mr Vasudevan, “we are a long-time Monforts user, and our company culture includes Monfort Our firm is solely in the export sector, and we produce high quality branded products. That means we require the best technology. Certainly, competition is always very intense, and although our products are price sensitive they are very much in the fine, high quality segment of the markets.”

At the bed linen mill the new units will join two eight chamber Montex 6500 units. One of the units featuring a Montex Thermex condensation unit with two curing chambers being positioned on top of the stenter. There is also a Monfortex 7000 model Sanforiser and a Montex Thermex CDR E-Control dyeing range, both with 3200 mm fabric working width.

Expansion of sheeting capacity will enable the company to make printed products, which will enhance its fashion bedding shares in the market, and also help Himatsingka to enter into the basic bedding segments where it is currently not present.

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