Brueckner power-frame stenter for Nan Yang Textile Group, Thailand

BRÜCKNER power-frame stenter for Nan Yang Textile Group, Thailand

Nan Yang is a leading textile group in Thailand and one of the largest vertically integrated apparel companies in Asia. The company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing readymade knitted garments, knitted fabrics and cotton yarn. The garment division has modern machines to ensure the bulk production of T-shirts, polo shirts, night shirts, pyjamas, leggings, shorts, sportswear and two piece sets, etc. made of cotton and cotton blends with elastane or viscose. They produce yarn-dyed stripes and prints. The clientele is among others Nike, Uniqlo, Lotus, Under Armour and Adidas.

Nan Yang produce 20000 metric tons of yarn per year. Their 425 circular knitting machines produce 20000 metric tons of fabrics and the garmenting facilities in Thailand & Laos produce 31 million pieces of readymade knitted apparel each year. The company sets up a new garment unit in Vietnam with a capacity to produce 18 million pieces per year which will start operations in 2017.Brueckner_Press-Release_NanYang_Mr.Ben

The company has installed sophisticated machinery imported from Germany, Japan, US, Italy, Taiwan, Switzerland and many other European countries to ensure a fast and efficient production, reduction of costs, optimum equipment utilization and reduced manpower.

Nan Yang Textile Company Ltd ordered a BRÜCKNER stenter for their heat-setting operations. The high drying performance in combination with a very homogeneous air flow and temperature distribution because of the alternatingly arranged thermo zones and the proven split-flow design with separately adjustable upper and lower air were some of the features that convinced the customer. Reproducible finishing results and the robust design ensuring a long service life of the machines are further strong advantages of the Brückner stenter.

Brückner group with head office and production site located in Germany is worldwide known as technologically leading producer of high-tech lines for the dry finishing of knitted and woven fabrics as well as of technical textiles, nonwovens and floor coverings. As a family-owned machinery producer with nearly 70 years of tradition and experience Brückner stands for reliability, continuity and a personal relationship with their customers. All development engineers are working already today for the innovations of tomorrow and this gives their customers a considerable advantage in competition.

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