U.S. Cotton Trade and World Markets 2016

U.S. Cotton Trade and World Markets 2016

Cotton is an important export item of the USA, and the USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture has just released the latest figures and other facts of cotton Trade and World Markets.  The data includes the figures of other cotton exporting countries. Most of all, the data is very extensive and will be of interest to many of you! TextileFuture would like to bring these interesting figures to its readers. The data is self explanatory

With total 2016/17 world trade forecast to be similar to last year and U.S. exports expected up by more than 35 %, U.S. market share of world trade is expected to increase dramatically. U.S. export sales data show that through the first five months of the marketing year both accumulated exports and outstanding sales are about two- thirds higher than at the same time last year. This higher U.S. export volume is supported by higher sales to China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other smaller markets.

Export sales data show strong gains in most major U.S. markets, with the notable exception of Turkey. U.S. total commitments to China are nearly five times what they were at this time last year, despite China’s 2016-17 season imports being forecast up only marginally. U.S. commitments to Vietnam are nearly double last year’s level, while the country’s total imports are forecast up only 10 %percent. Likewise, commitments to Indonesia have more than doubled, with 2016-17 season imports expected unchanged.

Turkey’s total imports are expected to decline sharply due to a larger domestic crop. Although season-to-date commitments to Turkey are down, U.S. market share is likely to remain stable.  Commitments to date for Mexico are unchanged from a year ago even though total imports are forecast to increase year-over-year. The United States is expected to retain its nearly 100 % share of Mexico’s imports.

Total commitments to the rest of the world are up by a robust 80 %, even though total imports in these markets are expected to be unchanged overall. Hence, U.S. share of total exports is expected to rise across the board in many markets.

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For 2016/17, global production is raised while use is lowered slightly, resulting in higher global ending stocks. Trade is raised slightly. U.S. production is raised, resulting in an increase in exports and ending stocks.  The U.S. season-average farm price forecast is unchanged cents to 67 cents/pound.

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The A-Index and U.S. spot prices have drifted upwards slightly in recent weeks.

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Major Importers:

•             Pakistan is raised 350000 bales to 2.55 million on a much forecast crop.

•             Bangladesh is increased 150000 bales to 6.45 million on strong nearby demand.

•             Mexico is lowered 125000 bales to 1.15 million on slower sales to mills.


Major Exporters:

•             United States is boosted 300000 bales to 12.5 million on a larger crop.

•             India is increased 200000 bales to 4.4 million on effects of demonetization.

•             Australia is decreased 100000 bales to 4.0 million tight supplies ahead of new crop arrivals.

•             Uzbekistan is cut 150000 bales to 2.0 million on weak demand from partner markets.

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