eBIZ 4.0 kicks off, the new step to digitalize the European Fashion Supply Chain

eBIZ 4.0 kicks off, the new step to digitalize the European Fashion Supply Chain

eBIZ 4.0 is launched to digitally integrate at least 100 European companies in their business network across Europe by combining the benefits of the eBIZ digital language with RFID and NFC technologies

eBIZ 4.0 is the new step of eBIZ, the public-private initiative which since 2008 supports hundreds of companies of the European fashion value chain to digitally connect and exchange data at lower costs.

The new project eBIZ 4.0 starts in 2017 and will deliver early results supporting the European fashion companies, notably the SMEs, from production to retail, to digitalize the way of working.

The goal is to bring benefits of IT tools mostly used in large fashion businesses within the actual reach of small and medium companies to significantly improve their processes management as well as the connection with suppliers and customers.

This will be achieved by applying RFID and other communication technologies with eBIZ, the European standard for digital data exchange across the fashion value chain.e-Biz

The solutions developed in the eBIZ 4.0 project will be applied by at least 100 companies, including textile, clothing, footwear producers and retailers to improve product traceability, time to market, warehouse management and digital data exchange throughout the supply chain.

The new project pools together competences from core eBIZ stakeholders such as Euratex and Enea with those of leading IT companies specialised in the fashion value chain, namely: Schaeffer Productique from France, Kyklos from Italy and CLAVEi from Spain and which is also the project coordinator.

The 24 months project has an overall budget of around EUR 1.5 million and has been awarded a 50 % costs co-funding by the European Commission through the programme COSME which supports the SMEs competitiveness.


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