Swiss Fashion trade has a share of 20 % of web advertising

Swiss Fashion trade has a share of 20 % of web advertising

With the aim to advertise efficiently implicates the nostalgia of communicative nearness with the customer. Fashion advertising has to be growingly digital as the esteemed customers are buying more and more online in Switzerland. The fashion segment has therefore a share of internet advertsing of 20 %

The not quite rosy fashion segment in Switzerland launches as eights largest advertising market annual campaigns in the order of around CHF 240 million gross according to media tariffs. If one corrects the value of 2006 by four percent yearly on account of inflation, tariff development and adaptation of the measuring universe the result is that the marked sorrows of the textile trade are visible also in the marketing communication: The advertising budgets were since decreasing by 30 %.

These are the conclusions of a research by Swiss Werbewoche.

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