CESALON FR nylon fibres and filaments

CESALON FR nylon fibres and filaments

Shanghai Antu Additive Masterbatch Co., Ltd. offers its first halogen-free FR nylon yarn extruded by the theory of advanced skin-core industrial design technology developed by Dr.FU Changjun from Italy

There are mature CESALON®series up to now:

1. FDY series: 150DTEX/32F,240DTEX/12F

2. BCF yarns: by requirements

3. Staple fibre: 3D*38MM, 3D*51MM, 10D*102MM

4. Monofilaments series:40D Black/White

5. Customized counts, lengths and colours (MOQ is required at 5000 kilogrammes)

Features: CESALON® has high LOI (more than 30 %) ,excellent tenacity (more than 4.0cn/dtex) and abrasion, especially its FR quality and colourfastness remain stable after washings or finishing.

Dying Notes: Similar to Universe weak Acid solutions and temperature for normal polyamide 6

Usages recommended: CESALON NSF with Cotton, Wool, Viscose, Aramide, FR viscose, Modacrylic in blended ring spun yarn or worsted yarn; CESALON BCF yarns excellent for contract or aviation carpets; CESALON filaments as warp or weft in weaving process.

More information can be had from the link below.


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