Revival of Indian Tirupur dyeing industry with government support

Revival of Indian Tirupur dyeing industry with government support

The Central government sanctions INR 200 crores to revive the Tirupur dyeing industry which has been in bad shape ever since the court ordered to closure of all dyeing units in concern of the environment issue due to which the Tirupur Dyeing industry made huge investments in the first ever ZLD projects putting them in a severe financial crisis and is on the verge of closure

Tirupur dyeing plantThe government after taking into account of the problem faced by the dyeing industry in Tirupur and on recommendation of the Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Finance sanctioned funds to the state government of Tamil Nadu for the 18 Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETPs) as an interest free loan which later will be converted into grant based on the performance of the CETPs.

The move will help ailing CETPs and 450 dyeing units to recover from the financial crisis and help them to a complete the project to achieve 100 % capacity utilization.

More than 450 dyeing units in Tirupur Dyeing Industry had collectively set up 18 ZLD enabled Common Effluent plants with a total cost of INR 1013.00 crore. The project has become a global standard and appreciated by the environmentalist and processing industry world over.

However being the first project of its kind the project had several technical challenges and cost overrun which put them into financial crisis due to outstanding Bank loans and incomplete projects.

Tirupur is a hub of the textile processing and knitting industry providing employment to over 5 lakh persons and contributes 22 % of the total garment export of the country. If the processing industry is closed it could hit the entire garmenting sector in the region.

Tirupur is a city in the Kongu Nadu region of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tirupur is better known as the knitwear capital of India as it accounts for 90 % of India’s cotton knitwear export.

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