One third of Swiss Exports in clothing and footwear is returned

One third of Swiss Exports in clothing and footwear is returned

Since 2010 returned goods from exports increased by 50 % and from imports the figure was two thirds. However this is relevant for only four groups of goods: Jewellery, clothing, footwear and watches. An example; Two third of exported jewellery has been returned to Switzerland

Despite these increases in total returned goods play an inferior role, from January to October 2016 their share of total Swiss exports amounted only to one 1 % or CHF 1.8 billion and 3 % or CHF 4.7 billion of total imports. However the returned goods weigh considerable for certain sectors. On exports of clothing and footwear show a return rate of 46 % of all returned goods (re-exports). On imports the share of 90 % of all returned goods (re-imports) delivers the watch and jewellery sector.

Returned Goods in Switzerland

14 % of imported clothing is re-exported

From January to October 2016 the total of imported watches reached CHF 3.3 billion and the share of before exported watches reached 40 % or CHF 1.3 billion. On imports of jewellery in the amount of CHF 8.1 billion the returned goods amounted to 37 % or CHF 3.0 billion. The high share of returned goods in these two categories is explainable in parts that a part of exported jewellery is showcased at trade fairs. If these remain unsold then these are returned to Switzerland. If returned goods are compared with total exports of these sectors the result is for watches with an export volume of 15 billion in value terms a share of 8 % of exported watches that were returned to Switzerland. It is noteworthy that in majority expensive watches were returned. The average value of a re-imported watch was CHF 6978 and this compares with an average for exported watches of CHF 723 per watch. The jewellery sector showed total exports of CHF 9.2 billion and the returns were 33 %, thus one third of exported jewellery was returned to Switzerland.

In re-exports a focus is on clothing and footwear. From January to October 2016 exports amounted to 1.2 billion of these two categories, the returned goods value was CHF 664 million of before imported goods. Footwear in the value of CHF 455 million the share of returned goods was 37 %. In both sectors e-commerce plays an important part, because returned goods from consumers are subject to consigned return shipments to be exported most of all to Germany. The share of returned goods in value terms is 14 % of the originally imported clothing and 12 % of footwear.

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