Daio to make Sanitary Pads in Thailand

Daio to make Sanitary Pads in Thailand

As part of its efforts to grow its home and personal care business overseas, Daio Paper Corporation will install a new sanitary napkin facility at Elleair International, its Thailand subsidiary in Rayong Province

The plant, which is expected to cost about USD 10.5 million, was approved by the company’s board of directors in early November. The company expects the project to be complete in the middle of next year.

EIT, Ellair International, was established in 2011 as the Thai base of Daio’s Southeast Asian operation. That year, the company began making GOO.N disposable baby diapers in the country and has since increased sales of this line steadily.

Earlier this year, EIT started making and selling wet tissue and wipes at the facility and began test marketing Japanese made sanitary napkins in Thailand.

Executives expect the sanitary napkin market in Thailand to grow 5 % annually.


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