Belgian Picanol offers app at ITME 2016 and presents success stories on its website

Belgian Picanol offers app at ITME 2016 and presents success stories on its website

As at ITMA Milan, Belgian Picanol offers on its website an app for a virtual tour of the ITME 2016 booth. In addition on its website there are testimonials of worldwide success stories with Picanol’s weaving machines

To load the app, please make use of the first link below.

In order to read success stories please revert to the second link below, where you will find stories on ETCO Denim

Picanol has supplied ETCO Denim with 160 state-of-the-art Summum airjet machines which have been running since 2013 at highest speeds and efficiencies, producing top-class fabrics for domestic and international markets.

Another success represents Global Fabrics Pvt. Ltd, when it comes to reliability and quality of machines, Picanol’s advanced metallurgy is supremely important. Across India you see Picanol machines running perfectly even after 20 years.

The third success story is on TDV industries when “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an action but a habit.” This quotation from Aristotle perfectly reflects our way of working at TDV Industries, which doesn’t stop us from continuously striving to further improve.

And success continues with Serica 1870, producing high-quality silk and mixed silk fabrics for leading fashion and clothing companies.It uses 42 Picanol OptiMax rapier machines weaving at speeds of up to 550 RPM and efficiencies of over 96%.

Also Xian Textile Holdings, a fully vertically integrated enterprise with an annual output of 18,000 tonnes of cotton yarn and 76 million meters of cotton cloth, mainly grey shirting fabric. The first contacts with Picanol date from 1994 when Delta-X airjets were purchased. Recently OMNIplus Summum machines were installed, running at speeds of 900 RPM and above.

Yunus Textile Mills Limited has transformed itself from a supplier of basic bedding products to a world-renowned supplier of home textile products to top-tier retailers and brands across the United States and Europe. For its weaving operations Yunus operates over 300 Picanol airjets including OMNIplus, OMNIplus 800 and the latest OMNIplus Summum.

And many more success stories are available, underlining the versatility of Picanol’s weaving machines. It is really worthwhile to read these success stories to see the full scope of applications on Picanol’s weaving machines.

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