The 5th EURATEX Convention

The 5th EURATEX ConventionEuratex

The 5th Euratex Convention has been taking place in Lyon, France on November 24, 2016

Co-organised with Union Française des Industries Mode & Habillement (UFIMH), Union des Industries Textiles (UIT) and UNITEX the 5th Euratex Convention will be devoted to the role of creativity as an essential competitive asset for the European textile and clothing industry. Speakers from French and European regional authorities, local associations, companies and experts will discuss how to:

–        encourage and protect creativity;

–        facilitate access to financing for SMEs;

–        maintain the European excellence in fashion and creativity;

–        save, transmit and upgrade skills for the cultural and creative industries (CCI).

The Convention will be concluded with an exchange between French Members of Parliament on the best way to support creative industries.

Major speeches by prominent speakers were catering to the following subjects:

–        How to maintain European excellence in fashion and creativity?

The EU is the world luxury leader in the fields of ready-to-wear, perfumes, leather goods, shoes, etc. with more than 2/3 of global brands. The EU luxury industry suppliers, designers, new emerging brands, etc. nourish the creativity and contribute to making the EU the indisputable world fashion centre. What are the key factors that will enable the EU to maintain its leadership in a world where creation is without borders and where production can easily be relocated?

–        Preserve, transmit and upgrade skills of creative and cultural industries: a challenge for all European companies

«There is no wealth or power other than men» wrote Jean Bodin in 1576. This is confirmed in the CCI due to precious and complex skills and expertise that are preserved and modernized, thanks to new technologies (ICT, digital printing, robotics, etc.) implemented by employees. Talented skilled employees are crucial for our industry and until 2025 nearly 600000 job openings are anticipated in the textile and fashion industry. What are the most effective ways to attract talent, raising the level of competence and qualification in SMEs facing increased and globalised competition?

–        How to facilitate access to finance for SMEs?

SMEs are the main source of the innovations put on the market by the textile and fashion industry and represent more than 99% of the businesses and 79% of the EU workforce. It is essential to give them the means to develop, invest, recruit, innovate, etc. SMEs in the creative and cultural industries suffer specific handicaps when facing the financing partners: a strong seasonality, often an inadequate financial culture, an «economic model» built around intangibles assets, etc. What are the solutions anticipated by the EU and BPI to remedy these shortcomings?

–        How to encourage and protect creativity?

Creativity, skills and individual talents are essential ingredients that enable creative and cultural industries (CCIs) to develop goods and services with a high content of intangible assets. Designs, models, copyrights are vital to our industry and only Intellectual Property can help preserve them. How to promote and anchor in these companies the protection of creation in an international environment shaken by the digital revolution?

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