China issues 13th Five-Year Plan for Eco-Environmental Protection

China issues 13th Five-Year Plan for Eco-Environmental Protection

China has given the green light to shore up weak spots in the three areas of poverty alleviation, education and poverty reduction as well as ecological environment protection in accordance with the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development in an executive meeting of the State Council recently

Also known as the 13th Five-Year Eco-Environmental Protection Plan, it identifies four major tasks:

First, strengthening source control by completing the delineation of the national ecological protection red lines, improving the environmental standards and technology policy system, eliminating high pollution, high environmental risk processes, equipment and products, developing resource conservation cycle of key technologies and complete sets of ecological management technology to accelerate the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry.

Second, vigorously executing the air, water and soil pollution prevention and control action plan. With the focus on improving environmental quality, China is to implement total emissions control on key regions, watersheds and industries, speed up the implementation of a number of major ecological and environmental protection projects, carry out pollution abatement project management in 15 key industries including paper and building materials, implement comprehensive emissions standards for industrial pollution sources plan, regulate pollution in agricultural non-point source and livestock and poultry breeding. Promote key areas and important ecosystem protection and restoration, and build a biodiversity conservation network.

Third, strengthening risk control in heavy metals, hazardous waste, and toxic and hazardous chemicals.

Fourth, improving the enterprise emissions permits, emissions trading and environmental damage compensation systems. Establishing diversified, cross-regional ecological compensation mechanism, and strengthening law enforcement by environmental protection inspectors. Timely introducing environmental protection tax, deepening resource and environmental price reform, building a green financial system and creating a beautiful China.

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