A Free Live Webinar by IDTechEx on IoT (November 29, 2016)

A Free Live Webinar by IDTechEx on IoT (November 29, 2016)

A Free Live Webinar by IDTechEx on Tuesday 29 November 2016 and on Internet of Things: Something New Emerges from the Confusion

This webinar shares some of the research carried out for the new IDTechEx report, Internet of Things (IoT) 2017-2027 :It covers definitions, potential applications, key players, node and system design, forecasts and road map. (see also TextileFuture News for details

This webinar will include:

  • What is genuinely new
  • Massive investment in solving the problems and in buying promising companies
  • Few volume deployments yet most forecasters grimly stick to huge forecasts approaching like a cliff wall
  • The easy problem of definitions and potential applications
  • The tough problems of standards, inter-operability, very low node prices while making disposable and fit-and-forget, longer range, collaborating nodes with transceivers, ever more sensors and more processing yet suitable for sale in billions
  • The nightmare of internet-enabled security breaches with smart things
  • How a useful new market is emerging anyway

We will be holding exactly the same webinar twice in one day. Please register for whichever session is most convenient for you.

Please note that your details may be shared with our sponsors.

Date: Tuesday 29 November 2016
Duration: 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A

Webinar #1: Europe & Asia-Pacific
9:30am (GMT) London
10:30am (GMT +1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome
11:30am (GMT +2) Athens, Jerusalem, Moscow
4:30pm (GMT +7) Bangkok
5:30pm (GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei, Beijing
6:30pm (GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul
8:30pm (GMT+11) Canberra
Register for #1 here

Webinar #2: Americas
9:00am (Pacific ST) USA & Canada
10:00am (Mountain ST) USA & Canada
11:00am (Central ST) USA & Canada
12:00noon (Eastern ST) USA & Canada
5:00pm (GMT) London
Register for #2 here


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