German ITRS has founded the eight’s trade group

German ITRS has founded the eight’s trade group

At the occasion of the November general member’s meeting in Koblenz, Germany ITRS Industrieverband Technische Textilien-Rollladen-Sonnenschutz e.V. (Industrial Association of Technical Textiles – Shutters and Sun Protection Shades) and in presence of around 150 members announced the forming of the eight’s trade group for tent renting thus the association covers now the entire value chain of textile construction technology

At the meeting, President Rudolf-Witrin welcomed six new members from different sub sectors, and membership demand is already manifest from tent renting companies.

The President and his two deputies were re-elected with confidence. Treasurer Frank Feuerherdt did refrain after 19 years of service from re-election and was replaced by Lars Rippstein. Elections took also place on the board of Förderverein KTEx e.V. where after the resignation of Ulf Kattelmann Natalino Labate was elected.

Justus Schmitz, Chairperson of the committee Communication + Marketing informed the members on the various activities of public relations, a modernisation of the internet presence, and success in social networks as well as in political in political bodies. He also underlined the importance to present to the public the positive aspects of the various products of all ITRS sectors.

In tradition President Rudolf-Witrin was welcoming some important guests, such as the President of the Federal Association Shutters and Sun Protection Shades Heinrich Abletshauser, as well as the former President Georg Nüssgens and the managing director Christoph Silber-Bonz.

The second day was dedicated to the ITRS trade groups. All Board members reported on actual and in the future planned activities.

On both days the evening events were an opportunity for networking.

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