New partnership in the field of sensor technology

New partnership in the field of sensor technology

A partnership has been formed between two important exponents in the field of sensor technology: Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd and Pewatron AG. The highly reliable, cutting-edge gas sensors manufactured by Gas Sensing Solutions in Scotland are now available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria through Pewatron. Customers profit from experience in application, expert advice and quick delivery times

“We are delighted to form this partnership with Pewatron which provides us with the platform to expand our business into Europe” says Alan Henderson, founder of Gas Sensing Solutions. “Our range of products is tailored to meet the requirements of industrial safety, building control, horticultural, food processing, medical and many other market sectors.” The Gas Sensing Solutions sensors are installed into a number ofThe representatives of the management at the official ceremony of partnership industrial and safety applications utilising the unique low power, rugged, long life, solid state technology. GSS also develops and manufactures Mid IR LEDs which they incorporate into their Carbon Dioxide sensors providing unique low power, high speed and fast response.

Safety combined with experience and expertise in application and consultation: The Gas Sensing Solutions team has extensive practical experience that directly benefits products and their users. PEWATRON itself has more than twenty years’ experience in the field of gas sensors and is continuously developing its business operations in key areas. The sales team is effective and efficient in assisting customers with the development of products based on gas sensors. With its outstanding customer service, high product quality and fantastic reliability Pewatron has established a strong reputation throughout Europe.

New perspectives for customers: “By forging a partnership with Gas Sensing Solutions in Germany and Switzerland, we are providing our customers with new opportunities,” says Thomas Röttinger, CEO of PEWATRON. He’s referring to the extensive range of sensor technology products which is set to grow even more and highlights another point: “The cooperation with Gas Sensing Solutions is another corner stone in offering our customers a full range of innovate and competitive gas sensors for all gas measurement applications our customers are engaged with.”

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