Nimbus Garmon Chemicals brought its innovative approach to Bangladesh Denim Expo

Nimbus Garmon Chemicals brought its innovative approach to Bangladesh Denim Expo

After Kingpins, Garmon Chemicals introduce their latest innovation “Nimbus” to the visitors of Bangladesh Denim Expo, held in Dhaka on November 8- 9. Confirming previous success, Nimbus was a major splash and reinforced the obvious: water and energy savings are – and must be – very much at the centre of the industry’s narrativeGarmon_Nimbus_5

No surprise then that, during a trade show totally dedicated to the natural denim of the future, Garmon Chemicals decided to introduce to all the participants Nimbus, the very first range of chemical auxiliaries and dyes specifically selected to be nebulized in closed systems and that deliver a set of unique benefits such as:

–        Fluid dynamics and viscosities specifically conceived for nebulization;

–        More efficient contact and reaction between active principles and substrates;

–        A variety of innovative effects on denim and beyond;

–        Tremendous water savings (up to 80 %);

–        Significant energy savings (variable according to process).

Garmon_Nimbus_4Within the Nimbus platform there is Nimbus-z, safe processes for the nebulization of enzymes in closed systems. Thanks to Nimbus-z the traditional idea of stone washing is literally revolutionized. This is a crucial step forward in terms of change for the industry, which now can considers embracing a safer and more conscious way of working. Garmon Chemicals and Tonello Garment finishing Technologies, in close collaboration with R&D powerhouse and world-leading enzyme producer Novozymes, successfully measured the levels of airborne enzyme protein in filters from air samplings. Only ignorable amount of airborne enzyme were measured out of a specific procedure performed by spraying Garmon ATB 710 in a Tonello  CORE washing machine. A very remarkable synergy underlined also by the proximity of Garmon and Tonello’s booths in the Bangladesh Denim Expo area.

Positive balance for the trade show in general and particularly forGarmon_Nimbus_6 Garmon Chemicals, that demonstrated their own concrete and green approach totally oriented to the evolution of the industry. “Bangladesh Denim Expo surely was a great occasion for us to present to this market our brand-new process innovation, Nimbus, which provides a safer and revolutionary method for garment finishing”, explains Alberto De Conti, Marketing Garmon Chemicals.

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