Cotton classing training back in Korea

Cotton classing training back in Korea

In association with the Spinners & Weavers Association of Korea (SWAK), ICA Bremen once again delivered a ‘Cotton Classing’ training course to 16 delegates at the location of KOTITI testing and research institute in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea on September 26 – 30, 2016

Developed on industry demand a five-day training course was delivered by Karsten Froese (ICA Bremen) and concentrated on the classing of US and other Upland raw cottons.

Cotton Training KoreaFollowing the training, Karsten Fröse said: “Due to the professional back- ground of the delegates, we tailored the training to meet their needs. We put more effort on the classing and spent less time on the theory. In addition, we had the opportunity to include Australian and Brazilian cottons. This provided a good base to explain different quality parameters. I was overwhelmed by the participants’ positive feedback on the course, which would not have been possible without the strong support of SWAK and KOTITI.”

The practical training was based on approved standard procedures for visual grading and staple pul- ling. Theory was also covered along with the agreed standards and the regulations for quality evaluation according to the rules of the International Cotton Association Ltd.

In addition to its annual ‘Cotton Classing & Testing’ training programme, which takes place in Germany, ICA Bremen plans to deliver more bespoke training courses to the cotton community at other global locations.

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