Report shows Amazon strength in Baby Wipes

Report shows Amazon strength in Baby Wipes

According to a new baby wipes market analysis from 1010 Market  Insights, Amazon Elements is gaining signficant market share within the category with its Elements private label brand, which was launched at the end of 2014. This puts the new brand, which is made by NicePak, behind only market leaders Huggies, which has a 33 % share, and Pampers, with a 26 % market share

Currently, Elements wipes are available only to Amazon Prime subscribers but that has not hindered growth, which is reported at 266 % per year, according to the analysis. This growth can be credited to the booming online baby wipes market, with current sales of USD 60 million, and Amazon’s dominance as a retailer—80 % of baby wipes sold online last year went through Customers who view Amazon’s product are three times more likely to purchase than the category average.

At the time of the Elements launch, Amazon also took a stab at the disposable diapers market but soon withdrew that line. Industry observers, however, expect that Amazon will try again with a new diaper line in the near term.

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