CHOMARAT joins Composites UK and extents foothold in the UK

CHOMARAT joins Composites UK and extents foothold in the UK

CHOMARAT continues to increase its foothold in the United Kingdom, and is pleased to announce its  membership of Composites UK trade association at the Advanced Engineering trade show in BirminghamLogo Chomrat

The Group continues its commercial development and to reinforce its team with the arrival of Robert Wilder as Chomarat UK Sales Manager. To further its commercial development in the region, it has joined Composites UK, the organization that is dedicated to supporting the composite industry in the United Kingdom. Chomarat will share its expertise in high-performance glass and carbon reinforcements. “Our Group is innovative and seeks to push the technological limits in composite textiles. Both the arrival of Robert Wilder – who will put his experience  and expertise to work for CHOMARAT in the United Kingdom – and our membership in Composites UK are consistent with a long-term objective to develop the composite industry in that region. We are in fact active in various collaborative projects that involve manufacturers and universities, for example the ADAPT (Analysis and Design for Accelerated Production and Tailoring of composites) project led by the University of Bath,” explains CHOMARAT Group General Manager Michel Cognet. The composite industry is booming in the United Kingdom and is particularly active in the marine sector and in automotive, especially the automotive sports segment.

On November 2-3, 2016, Chomarat will present its latest glass and carbon innovations at the Advanced Engineering trade show in Birmingham (Booth O151), in particular its recent works on C-PLY™, the Group’s high-performance multiaxial reinforcement. C-PLY™ addresses the issues of weight and cost reduction in the composite industry, with a focus on solutions developed to achieve a Class A surface finish for automotive composite parts that are made using RTM.

ChomaratChomarat will also present its latest developments on G-FLOW™, the only 100% glass reinforcement that combines structural and flow functions for infusion. “G-FLOW™’s highly interesting flow function is made possible by its unusual textile structure. G-FLOW™ is 100 times more permeable than a standard reinforcement, leading to time savings during processing, and reducing cost by as much as 13 % as a function of G-FLOWTM 500L the type of infusion process used,” explains CHOMARAT UK Sales Manager Robert Wilder.

Established in 1898, Chomarat is an international industrial textile group, involved in three businesses: Composites Reinforcements, Construction Reinforcements, Coatings & Films–Textiles. The privately held company operates in France, Tunisia, the United States and China to service its global customers.

Chomarat leads a strong innovation strategy, rising to challenges, developing materials for the future. Hence, the Group invests in new technologies and enters into collaborative research programs with universities and technical centres worldwide.

Chomarat offers strong technical know-how and mastery of complex technologies in fields ranging from automotive, aerospace, sports, energy, marine, construction, and also in markets requiring creativity and expertise, like luxury goods.

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