Adore Me is selling at Lord & Taylor

Adore Me is selling at Lord & Taylor

A curated selection of Adore Me products is now available at Lord & Taylor, both at the iconic Fifth Avenue location in Manhattan, New York, USA, and on the Lord & Taylor website, Adore Me products sold at Lord & Taylor retail from USD 39 to USD 49 for a bra and USD 11 for a pantyAdore Me LOGO

Adore Me’s product assortment at Lord & Taylor features year round classics as well as seasonable fashion styles from Adore Me’s fall and holiday collections. 

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO: “Adore Me was started with the clear vision of redefining lingerie to make beautiful and affordable fashion for every body. Our 4-figure growth rate shows how strongly this message resonates with our customers, and how agility is an integral part of our DNA – fast fashion and fast growth.

20161026160330ENPRN432792-Adore-Me-Jaydeen-90-1477497810MRPartnering with Lord & Taylor is part of Adore Me’s growth strategy, which started with the opening of the Adore Me showroom in our headquarters in NYC and with a collaboration with Nordstrom in June 2016. Although we’ve noticed the recent shift in customer behavior – women enjoy shopping for lingerie online – there is still a very large audience who wants to try on the product before purchasing. Lord & Taylor is a fantastic ally in establishing Adore Me’s credibility in the fashion industry and opening our brand to a new audience.

Adore Me is a true New York brand – with our headquarters located in the center of Manhattan – and we are thrilled to partner with our neighbor Lord & Taylor at their iconic Fifth Avenue location.”

Adore Me is a distruptive e-commerce lingerie company that is revolutionizing the lingerie industry. Adore Me grew from a founder with a dream to a company of 100 employees across the US and Europe. With a massive online footprint of almost 1.2M Facebook followers and USD 11.5 million investment raised from VCs, private investors and banks – Adore Me is disrupting the lingerie industry to the core.

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