Standardized environment for visually assessing large coloured surfaces under multiple illuminants

Standardized environment for visually assessing large coloured surfaces under multiple illuminants

JUST Normlicht, a pioneer and leading manufacturer of devices for the visual assessment of coloured surfaces in the graphic arts industry, presented the new edition of the Colour Control Centre at K2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany, specifically designed for the textile, plastics and automotive industries

The firm’s expertise, gained from long-standing experience in the development of standardized lighting solutions for customers from a wide variety of industries, has now led to the design of the new Colour Control Centre multiLight. The freely accessible viewing booth with multiple illuminants provides controlled lighting conditions for large-format visual colour control of various materials

Color-Control-Center_01In many industrial sectors such as the plastics, furniture, or automotive industries, relatively large components or assemblies are produced and sometimes even obtained from different suppliers. Standardized testing conditions for visual colour matching are required to ensure colour consistency across the different materials and components. Apart from the D65 (daylight) standard illuminant commonly used in industrial contexts, these systems provide other illuminants such as TL84 (fluorescent store light) and A (incandescent/halogen light), which make it possible to detect metameric effects. In order to achieve standardized conditions for colour control, the systems must comply with all applicable industry standards and specifications, such as, e.g., ISO 3668, DIN 6173-2, or VDA 280 parts 8B/8C.

The newly designed Colour Control Centre multiLight by JUST Normlicht is an accessible standardized viewing booth (325 x 235 x 280 cm; 10.7 x 7.7 x 9.2 ft. WDH) that delivers excellent color matching accuracy in line with industry standard requirements. The lamps have very good spectral characteristics, a colour rendering index of Ra > 93 and a quality grade of BC or higher in accordance with CIE 51.2. An adjustable illuminance of 1000–4000 lux (1M height) and options such as smartphone or laptop control, and colour matching logs provide great flexibility. Viewing tablesColor-Control-Center_03 have adjustable height and angles while available surrounds for the Colour Control Centre include lightweight removable sliding doors, solid walls, or opaque curtains with a neutral gray finish. In addition, up to three of five illuminants – D65, D50, TL84, A, UV – can be selected according to individual requirements. For companies that are already in the process of a complete switch-over to LED technology, a customized LED solution can be offered upon request. The more uniform spectral distribution of the D50 or D65 simulation in comparison to artificial illuminants is only one of its advantages.

The Colour Control Centre multiLight by JUST Normlicht provide a complete and simplified path for companies to achieve a standardized evaluation environment with multiple illuminants. First customer shipments have begun and customized solutions are available as well.

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