Hohenstein Webinar: Solving the Mystery of Compression Garments

Hohenstein Webinar: Solving the Mystery of Compression Garments

A Hohenstein Webinar entitled “Solving the Mystery of Compression Garments” will take place on November 16, 2016 at 12:00 Noon EST

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Benefit from our knowledge, Hohenstein experts will present new results from a recent research project into the factors that make up a well designed, effective compression garment.

The Perfect Fit, The Perfect Shape and the Secret of The Perfect Pattern

All sorts of considerations go into the making of a well performing compression garment. What fabric and materials perform best? How do we measure whether the garment alters the shape of the wearer, or the performance of the wearer? Should various levels of ‘shaping power’ be used in different places? How important is the proper fit? Do patterns play a role in driving the garment’s performance?

Interested in learning more? Join the scientists from the Hohenstein Institute on Wednesday, October 26th at noon eastern for the answers to these and other questions behind the mystery of the perfect compression garment.

Registration online at and your convenient time can be made here


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