OEKO-TEX Brand: Expanding and Refreshing

OEKO-TEX Brand: Expanding and Refreshing

Textile manufacturers, sourcing organisations, brands, and retailers around the world know that every January there will be an update to the OEKO-TEX® test methods and limit values for harmful substances. This January, the textile industry can expect the same but they will also see the complete roll out of the new, cohesive OEKO-TEX® branding strategy that was previewed a few months ago. In addition, OEKO-TEX® plans to unveil new products in January 2017 as well

With the portfolio of OEKO-TEX® products growing rapidly in response to textile industry needs—the most recent addition was DETOX TO ZERO by OEKO-TEX® to help eliminate hazardous substances by 2020—the new brand architecture comprehensively aligns all services and independent certifications under the OEKO-TEX® banner in a way that is recognizable throughout the global market. OEKO-TEX® will prominently feature the brand’s tag line, CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES, in every product logo to connect to the OEKO-TEX® heritage for protecting consumers and supporting sustainable products and manufacturing processes.


“OEKO-TEX® has worked for twenty-five years to help textile product companies reduce hazardous chemicals and to increase the sustainability of the industry,” says OEKO-TEX® General Secretary, Georg Dieners. “Our OEKO-TEX® product range will continue to expand with the worldwide textile supply chain and the increasing challenges it poses for our customers. We are proud of the confidence we have earned through that work as well as the confidence the OEKO-TEX® brand gives to consumers everywhere.”

The new OEKO-TEX® brand identity kicks off OEKO-TEX’s 25th Anniversary, which will be celebrated next year. Founded in 1992 in direct response to public outcry against dangerous chemicals in textiles, the International OEKO-TEX® Association has grown to sixteen member textile testing and research institutes with offices in more than 60 countries. The OEKO-TEX® product portfolio has expanded with textile supply chain globalization and will grow as the textile market and the public’s expectations change. “OEKO-TEX® has evolved over twenty-five years but our values remain constant and deeply rooted in safety, quality, and sustainability,” continues Dieners.

The new OEKO-TEX ® brand identities will begin rolling out immediately and will be in full force with the annual January update. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and STeP by OEKO-TEX® design updates have been completed by the end of October. Updated certificates and label templates are available now for the 10000 companies around the world who currently work with OEKO-TEX®.


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