48 Marzoli roving frames for Indian Sintex

48 Marzoli roving frames for Indian Sintex

Sintex Textile Division is one of the most renowned and successful textile manufacturers in the world. The company thanks to its high quality and outstanding production efficiency standards has become one of the key partners of some of the global leading retail brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Diesel and Zara

In March 2014 Sintex launched a new project to increase its spinning capacity. The project consisted in the establishment of three new spinning mills for a total of 300,000 spindles. While the company had selected several suppliers for its three different units, for roving operations it decided to rely only on Marzoli: the three spinning mills would be equipped with 48 Marzoli FT6D roving frames.

“Efficient and reliable roving frames are of the utmost importance for the overall efficiency and productivity of the spinning mill. So in Sintex theMarzoli 1_4282 (3) choice of the right roving frame supplier was taken with the maximum care. Marzoli’s roving frame is known to be one of the best, if not the best, and most reliable machine available on the market” B.B. Sharma, CEO of Sintex Textile Division states.

In January 2016 the project was extended. The plan now includes 9 units for a total of over 900,000 spindles to be installed in the next 3 years. In February 2016 Sintex Textile Division ordered from Marzoli other 43 FT6D roving frames: 27 of 192 spindles for Unit 4 and 6 and 16 of 224 spindles for Unit 5.

In the first two quarters of 2016 all 48 Marzoli roving frames of Unit I, II and III have been erected and started and today they are efficiently producing over 160 tons of world class roving per day.

The FT6D roving frame

The FT6D roving frame with automatic doffing, the machine that has been installed in all the new spinning units of Sintex Textile Division, is one of the most advanced roving frames available today on the market. Its special drive system allows to reduce mechanical friction among components and vibrations, thereby entailing higher efficiency, substantial energy savings and high quality of the roving. All the motors are controlled by the central computer which guarantees the perfect coordination of all working organs: spindles, flyers, drafting system and bobbin rail; thereby entailing a precise bobbin formation.

Marzoli 2 Sintex_2All technological parameters (twist, roving tension, bobbin build up, rail movement and flyers speed) can be inserted directly on the touch screen, entailing a great ease of use and outstanding flexibility. All the production recipes are stored and can be recalled saving time during lot changes.

Automatic doffing is performed in less than three minutes, keeping downtime to a minimum. The creel is equipped with hexagonal rollers specifically designed to prevent sliver false drafts.

The drafting unit has pneumatic pressure arms which exert a constant load for every spinning position. This, along with the special cleaners for the drafting rollers, guarantee a perfect control of the sliver during drafting.

Sintex’s FT6D roving frames will be equipped with special individual sensors that make suction no longer necessary. On standard roving frames suction is required in order to capture the broken roving which is then detected by the photocell that stops the machine. With Marzoli individual sensors the broken roving is immediately detected and does not need to be captured by the suction nozzles. Suction is therefore eliminated and the client can draw on a further energy  saving of 4 Kwh. Furthermore the individual sensors, unlike the single photocell of traditional machines, do not stop the roving frame in case dust passes in front of them and guarantee an immediate stop in case of overlapping of the roving.

These are just few of the features that make the FT6D a technologically-outstanding machine. And there is so much more, like the new software platforms developed by Marzoli for the remote management and predictive maintenance of the machine (MRM & YarNet). All these features will be exhibited at India ITME 2016 ( December 3-8, 2016 at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre,
NSE Complex, Goregaon, Mumbai, India) where Marzoli and Marzoli India will present their roving frame, the MTR transport system and the innovative software platforms.




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