Medical biosensors need no wires

Medical biosensors need no wires

HMicro and STMicroelectronics have teamed to create disposable clinical-grade biosensor patches that communicate wirelessly, freeing patients from wires and cables. These smart single-use devices seek to replace wired wearable sensors in such applications as electrocardiogram leads and vital-sign monitors

Based on HMicro’s WiPoint technology, the HC1100 embeds three low-power radios for WiFi, Ultra-wideband, and MBAN (Medical Band); multiple sensor interfaces; an ARM Cortex M0 application processor; 352 kbytes of RAM; and power-management circuits in a single chip. The dual-core ARM Cortex M0 architecture leverages ST’s ultra-low-power design and wireless-connectivity IP to ensure long, reliable operation.Biosensors

Sensor interfaces support heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and respiration, as well as the capability to interface with MEMS microphones and MEMS motion sensors. The HC1100’s specifications meet key requirements for mission-critical products that demand high reliability through a wireless connection suitable for high sensor-data accuracy.

WiPoint technology and the HC1100 chip are the first results of the cooperation between HMicro and ST. The companies’ next step is the deployment of this technology platform for other high-volume clinical and industrial IoT applications.

The HC1100 WiPoint chip is currently in high-volume production and is available from HMicro.

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