Smart talking on energy in fashion

Smart talking on energy in fashion

Already in mid-September 2016 Euratex, the Marzotto Group and ENEA mLogo Energyet to talk on energy efficiency for sustainable productions in the Smart Creation square of Première Vision (PV) Paris, the leading event for world fashion professionals

The smart talk session was organized in collaboration between PV and Euratex in the framework of the SET project. It rolled out in a dynamic format with questions and shorts answers moderated by the expertise of C.L.A.S.S., Milan.

Mauro Scalia, Manager of Sustainable Businesses in Euratex, observed: “What makes SET unique is probably the added value for companies, delivered by a software for energy monitoring, assessment and even benchmarking with competitors. The SET partners helped about 150 European companies to use such tool, speaking in 11 mother tongues and at no cost for companies thanks to the European Union support.”

EnergyRepresenting the Marzotto Group, Pierluigi Fusco Girard, Chief Innovation Officer, stressed the Group commitment in sustainable production and described sustainability as a “must do” rather than an option. He quoted the huge savings achieved over the past year in chemicals, water and energy consumption. Regarding energy efficiency and management he explained how Marzotto applied the SET software with 5 companies across Europe and how collaboration across the value chain, from fiber suppliers to fabric producers up to garment makers is of great benefit for sustainable productions.

Piero De Sabbata responsible of the ENEA CROSS Laboratory in charge for the SET software development pointed out: “with SET, companies adopted a community-like collaborative behavior: they gained benefits but also contributed to benchmarking by sharing data on energy consumption, strictly in confidential and anonymous manner. The result is an innovative dynamic benchmark system and built around the company profile”.

Through Smart Creation, Première Vision seeks to highlight a new generation of responsible values and assets, which creates new strategic perspectives for the fashion industry. Placed right in the middle of the busy business fair, the Smart Creation square offers a meeting platform where professionals share their experiences, draw conclusions and reply to the fair participants’ questions on their achievements, essentially to promote responsible creation.

Save Energy in Textile SMEs (SET) is a project launched to enable European textile SMEs to improve their energy efficiency, hence to achieve measurable economic and resource-efficiency results.  This project is a part of Energy Made-to-Measure campaign – an initiative of the industry to empower over 300 textile & clothing companies, notably SMEs, to become more energy efficient. All activities are enabled thanks to the support of the European Union.

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