Quo vadis membrane construction?

Quo vadis membrane construction?

ITRS Industrieverband Technische Textilien-Rollladen-Sonnenschutz e.V President Rudorf-Witrin at third Membrane Construction Symposium in Essen, Germany

A German focus is expressed for the Membrane Construction Symposium of the Institute for Metall and Lightweight Construction of the University Duisburg-Essen and its head Prof Dr-Ing. Natalie Stranghöner. The symposium took place in Essen on September 30, 2016 and attracted 160 visitors. ITRS President  Wolfgang Rudorf-Witrin was delivering a speech, an expert of textile architecture.

What will be the future trend in membrane construction? Rudolf-Witrin named at the start of his speech Prof Frey Otto, a leading expert of the 1960s with the proof that spectacular lightweight constructions were possible by tension applying and high quality materials:  From PVC coated polyester fabric, Glass/PTFE to today’s applied ETFE-films. The speech was enriched by outraging projects, for instance canopies of sport stadiums or pedestrian walkways that were acknowledged worldwide. The conclusion of the speaker: “This particular and extraordinary sector has a promising future under condition that all participating members of the value chain are recognising their responsibility for their part in projects and if they are ready to secure the necessary high quality standards in research and development and permanent education. Only in that manner the trust in this rather young method of construction is guaranteed.

He further considers the forming of an interdisciplinary exchange platform as important in order to realise future chances from developments and market requirements. Rudolf-Witrin knows what he was talking about since he has an experience of 43 years.


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