New leather jackets brand Irteka sets out to redefine accessible luxury

New leather jackets brand Irteka sets out to redefine accessible luxury

The amazingly creative guys behind the successful idea of bespoke leather jackets, known as The Jacket Maker, their first venture, now bring you Irteka. The fresh, young and happening leather jackets brand that recently launched its first, 62-piece collection called The FUTURISM Collection for Fall/Winter 2016

With a strong vision that begins with the fusion of quality, design and functionality, Irteka offers unparalleled quality; from the choicest hides and skins that range from lamb, sheep, goat and cow, to the unique, strikingly stylish designs that serve dual purposes of fashion and function.

IrtekaRedefining accessible luxury with leather jackets is the heart of Irteka from where contemporary styled space-age, earth tones, strength, domination, camouflage, studs and metallics makeup the soul of this inspired; quirky cool yet wearable FUTURISM Collection for women and men.

With an intriguing maxim of Idea. View. Lifestyle which covers the key points of progress from design to development and subsequently reaching out to customers, Irteka has no physical store but an easy go to approach, through their ecommerce website.

“I believe unlike other luxury markets, luxury leather goods still entail a utilitarian aspect,” says Syed Obaid, CEO & Co-Founder of Irteka. “That is why, with Irteka, we have kept product quality as the focal point along with rich design elements and exquisite craftsmanship. At every development stage of Irteka, quality and relevance serves as a credo and we are committed to stay true to it,” he adds.

Irteka designer Gath A. D’Silva seconds this motion adding a bit about FUTURISM and what inspired this collection. “FUTURISM gives you a peek at eclectic possibilities of fashion within a futuristic human reality. Taking what is and giving it a more believable look and sensibility, raw and unique alike. Inspiration taken from relaxed, laid-back youth, fused with gender issues, domination, architectural, space-age shapes, wrapped in earth tones and highlighted by studs, camouflage and metallic tones, form a combination of quirky style and contemporary cool pieces.”

All first purchases post-launch, get a 10 % discount and if that isn’t enough good news for you, free shipping across the globe to over 50 countries.

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