AATCC announces Moisture Management Workshop

AATCC announces Moisture Management Workshop

The newest hands-on workshop from AATCC covering important topics in moisture management testing will take place February 8-9, 2017

Moisture management is featured in everything from high-performance athletic apparel to everyday T-shirts. But is it working? How can you tell? How can your customers tell? Hear from experts on customer expectations, test procedures, and data interpretation.

The two-day workshop will include presentations from AATCC staff and industry experts. You will also get hands-on experience with related testing equipment. Confirmed presentations include:

  • Defining Moisture Management
  • AATCC TM79 Absorbency of Textiles
  • AATCC TM197 Vertical Wicking of Textiles
  • AATCC TM198 Horizontal Wicking of Textiles
  • Customer Expectations
  • AATCC TM195 Liquid Moisture Management Properties of Textile Fabrics
  • AATCC TM199 Drying Time of Textiles: Moisture Analyzer Method
  • AATCC TM200 Drying Rate of Textiles at their Absorbent Capacity: Air Flow Method
  • AATCC TM201 Drying Rate of Fabric: Heated Plate Method
  • Understanding Waterproof Breathables
  • AATCC TM204 Water Vapor Transmission of Textiles (ASTM E96, JIS L1099)
  • Standardized vs Custom vs Field Testing
  • Sweating Guarded Hot Plate
  • GATS – Gravimetric Absorbency Testing System
  • Sweating Manikin Tests


The workshop will be held at the AATCC headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA.

Specific presentation title and speakers will be posted as available. For additional information, including updates and registration click here 


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