The 2016 Best Global Brands by Interbrand Report

The 2016 Best Global Brands by Interbrand Report

Leading brand consultancy Interbrand named Apple, Google and Coca-Cola the three most valuable brands in its 2016 Best Global Brands report, with technology and automotive brands dominating the ranking, and Tesla and Dior entering the top 100 brands, among there are a dozen textile related brands. Now in its 17th year, the report reveals the Anatomy of Growth, and will feature an insider’s view of how great brands grow great businesses

Among the List of the top 100 brands, we do find a dozen textile related and clothing and sporting goods companies. In Rank 18 (17) we do find Nike Sporting Goods with a Brand Value of USD 25.034 (USD 23.070) billion, however German competitor adidas fell from rank 60 to 62, and its value was USD 7.885 (6.811) billion. Louis Vuitton and H&M are ranking 19 (20), respectively 20 (21), Inditex/Zara we find in slot 27 (30), Pampers unchanged in rank 28, Hermès improved from rank 41 to 34, Gucci fell from rank 50 to 53, Prada from rank 69 to 81, Burberry dropped 10 ranks from 73 to 83, Dior is new on the list and ranks 89 and Ralph Lauren decreased from rank 91 to 98. More details can be had from the list below.

Global Brands 1 A

Global Brands 2


“It’s clear the best global brands are not just weathering change, but driving it,” says Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer. “They understand their Anatomy of Growth is complex, unique and personal; they look inward and outward, expand into new markets, and create better experiences to grow their brands and businesses.”

For the fourth year in a row, Apple and Google claimed the top positions. Apple’s brand value grew by five percent to USD 178119 million, while Google’s brand value rose 11 percent to USD 133252 million. Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Toyota, IBM, Samsung, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz and GE round out the top 10. Dior (89) and Tesla (Rank 100) enter the Best Global Brands report for the first time.

Global Brands 3 2016

The world’s five Top Growing brands include Facebook (48 % growth), Amazon (33 %), Lego (25 %), Nissan (22 %) and Adobe (21 %).

With a combined 29 positions, technology and automotive brands dominate this year’s report. Retail is the Top Growing Sector, increasing 19 %, followed by the sporting and luxury sectors with a 10 % increase.

The Top 100 brands have a combined total of USD 1796384 million, an increase of 4.8% from 2015.

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