New Dornier GentleFlex holmium laser fibre delivers the confidence to glide through deflected scopes

New Dornier GentleFlex holmium laser fibre delivers the confidence to glide through deflected scopes

Dornier MedTech, a global medical device company, introduced their latest innovation in laser lithotripsy. Known as the Dornier GentleFlex, this is a specially-designed ball tip fiber. The Dornier GentleFlex smooths the passage of the laser fibre through a deflected scope. The Dornier GentleFlex was revealed at the Annual Congress of the German Society for Urology, held from September 28 to October 1, 2016, in Leipzig, Germany

Stones in challenging positions within the urinary tract can be effectively accessed by flexible scopes. If a stone needs to be destroyed, the surgeon locates the stone via a scope and then inserts a laser fibre through the working channel of the scope, so that the laser light can be directly emitted to the stone.


Standard flat tip fibers can scrape and puncture the inner lining of a deflected scope resulting in costly scope repair. Therefore the scope must be straightened before passing the fiber. This increases the procedure time and makes it more challenging for the surgeon. Therefore, Dornier’s engineers designed and developed a special ball tip fiber that can glide through a fully deflected scope in one easy, non-damaging step.

“The Dornier GentleFlex is the second laser innovation that Dornier has brought to market in the last six months, following after the Dornier Heatflex that was launched in earlier this year. Dornier Medtech is focused on creating innovative technologies that provide urologists safe, flexible, versatile and durable options to improve ease of use and handling of medical equipment,” said Abel Ang, CEO of Dornier MedTech.

Additionally, the GentleFlex® holmium laser fibre, one of the Dornier Flex Fiber family, is specially designed to optimize the results of the Dornier holmium lasers Medilas H Solvo and UroPulse to reach the highest level of patient care. They provide the best optical and mechanical connection between the fibre and laser systems’ proprietary parameters.

“Dornier is excited to now offer a complete line of fibres for Dornier lasers which optimizes the function and safety of both the laser and the fibre.” said Mary Butler, CTO and vice president product management at Dornier MedTech.

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